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A Reputation for Quality, Professionalism and Mobility

Our unique truck and trailer model sets us apart from other screen repair businesses because it’s what makes us, well, mobile! The centerpiece of our business, our mobile screening trailer allows Franchise Owners to offer same-day service by effectively measuring and customizing screens on-site.

Screenmobile trucks and trailers also serve another important purpose for our Franchise Owners as a mobile marketing tool. People driving by and seeing our Franchise Owners working on screens from their trailers is a powerful marketing tool to help generate new customers.


The Screenmobile Truck and Trailer

Customers feel comfortable approaching our Owners while they’re repairing or manufacturing their screens, which leads to an appointment for their own home or business. Many of our Franchise Owners say leaving their truck and trailer parked in a public place while they grab a bite to eat drives new revenue and increases visibility. Talk about easy, effective advertising!

Weight: Approx 3,500 lbs
Length: 13 feet
Width: 6.5 feet

There’s no need to go back to a shop or warehouse.

Attract more potential clients in the area with your mobile billboard. 

Measure, customize, and install on-site at the first appointment with the customer.

While Pops Walker’s Screenmobile business started with an old truck, and an even older refurbished wooden tent trailer, our trucks and trailers have caught up to modern times. However, our business concept has remained true to Pops’ vision: a mobile, efficient, professional network of Franchise Owners, able to screen on-site, delivering the best product and service in the market.
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As part of the Authority Brands family, Screenmobile provides Franchise Owners with a level of support that just isn’t found in most home improvement franchises.

Our corporate team helps new Franchise Owners learn the ropes through our industry-leading Screen School training program, and then helps them establish themselves in their community with expert marketing and field support, ongoing training, and more.

Even if you have no previous experience in the screen repair or home services industry, it’s not a problem. Thanks to the extensive training program offered by our corporate support team, learning how to customize, install, and repair Screenmobile products is a lot easier than you think!


Comprehensive Training to Launch Your Franchise

The first stop for new Franchise Owners is Screen School, a 10-day training program that offers a comprehensive, hands-on overview of every aspect of screening. Situated at our corporate headquarters in California, minutes away from Palm Springs, Screen School has optimized the traditional classroom to focus on a more practical education process.

We combine 40 hours of classroom instruction time with 40 hours of on-the-job training simulation at our “Screen House” training and production center. This center simulates an ‘in-field’ environment that allows our experienced instructors to teach new Franchise Owners everything they need to know in order to succeed in their new business.

Our 10-day Screen School training program also teaches our Franchise Owners the fundamentals of Screenmobile business operations, including administration, marketing, sales, screen production and installation.


Ongoing Training

Your training at Screen School is just the beginning of your franchise education at Screenmobile. Upon graduation, you will begin a 13-week ‘Fast Start’ Program that will include a weekly call with our Operations Team. The Fast Start Program aids you as you begin your journey as a Screenmobile Franchise Owner and provide you the tools for a quick ramp.  

We’ll equip you with all the knowledge and skills needed to become a quality Screenmobile Franchise Owner. Beyond Screen School and the Fast Start Program, you will find support by attending annual conventions and regional meetings, 24/7 access to our online modules, and reaching out to fellow Franchise Owners via our communications portal. Of course, you can always contact the corporate office for any assistance you may need. Joining our franchise system affords you the support you need, when you need it most!

Strong Support Goes a Long Way

Meet Our Support Team

We provide expert support to our Franchise Owners whether they are just starting out or are 10-year veterans. Screenmobile gives you the chance to own your own business without feeling like you’re in it alone.

Scott Walker

Co-Founder & Brand President

Scott Walker, the Co-Founder and Brand President of Screenmobile, led the company from 1999 to 2023 before becoming Brand President post-Authority Brands' acquisition. With a background as a Service Technician, Support Manager, and Operations Manager, Scott excelled in developing systems to enhance relationships with residential customers and builders. His education includes Citrus College, the International Franchise Association, and Management 2000. Beyond his professional achievements, Scott is dedicated to philanthropy, actively participating in Hands of Mercy to build homes for the poor in Mexico and other charitable projects across Brazil and Africa.


Ben Torrie

VP of Operations

Ben Torrie brings over eight years of B2B consulting experience to Screenmobile, with a notable background in advising franchise brands in the U.S. and Canada. With an MBA in Organizational Leadership, Ben joined Screenmobile in 2020 as the Franchise Development Director, focusing on expanding the brand through new franchisees. Now serving as the Vice President of Operations, he dedicates himself to helping franchise owners meet their goals. Additionally, Ben co-owns two Screenmobile franchises in Palm Desert and Palm Springs, CA. 


Dillon Walker

Director of Operations

Dillon currently serves as the Director of Operations for Screenmobile and assists with franchisee support. Dillon is actively involved in new franchisee training and manages the website and SEO teams. Dillon previously operated a successful Screenmobile franchise in the Orange Country, CA area before selling it to join the corporate office. Now, Dillon is a co-owner of the Screenmobile of Palm Desert and Palm Springs locations.


Lisa Feiling

Executive Administrator

With Screenmobile for seven years, Lisa serves as Screenmobile Executive Administrator. Lisa brings to Screenmobile, administrative, legal, and organizational skills. Lisa is a central contact point for franchisees and fulfills many tasks and responsibilities to keep the Screenmobile System on tra


Lindsey Walker

Communications & Operations Specialist

Lindsey works closely with the marketing and operations teams to support franchise owners in a variety of ways. In her communications role, she manages both the internal and external communications, coordinates with various teams to announce new projects and initiatives and manages Screenmobile Corporate’s online presence. In her operations role, she works closely alongside the Franchise Business Consultants to support franchise owners through monthly Town Halls, Conventions, and general support.


Roger Gomez

Franchise Business Consultant, Lead Trainer

Roger Gomez started with Screenmobile in 1996 and held many positions within the former corporately run franchise, as well as in the Screenmobile Corpoate office. Roger is responsible for developing and coordinating the new franchise owner training program, Screen School. Roger is also a Franchise Business Consultant for Screenmobile and helps to support franchise owners in their businesses.

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